General Information
TWIN JET is a French airline created in May 2001. As a Flying Blue partner since March 2002, the company operates nearly 200 regional flights serving 11 destinations located in France, in Germany, in Switzerland and in Italy with TWIN JET's fleet is made up of 13 aircrafts BEECHCRAFT 1900 D Airliner providing comfort and safety. These aircrafts are approved for landings and take offs in all kind of weather conditions. Thus, these aircrafts offer the lastest technological evolutions and meet all the requirements stated by the General Direction of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Airline code: T7

Twin Jet's commitments
Twin Jet strives to implement the following core values on each of its direct flights:
- Punctuality with nearly 99.20% of flights on time
- Regularity with nearly 99.70% of scheduled flights
- Comfort with many services included and leather seating
- Safety with qualified personnel both in the air and on the ground, who have all received specialized training provided by Air Qualifications, a continuing education body authorized by DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority)
- Quality with a commitment to the SSQ quality charter (Service, Safety, Quality)

Key Dates
May 2001
Creation of TWIN JET.
October 2001
First Commercial Flight of the company with a Beechcraft 1900 D Airliner on the route Nîmes / Châteauroux.
03 october 2001 – Issuance of the Air Operator Certificate N° : F-SE-070.
August 2002
Issuance of the Sanitary Transport Approval delivered by the Departmental Direction of the Sanitary and Social businesses.  
August 2006
TWIN JET opens its call center in Aix-en-Provence.
01 September 2006
E-ticket is made available on all flights.
01 February 2008
Distribution agreement signed with the groupe Air France / KLM for several europeans countries (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland).
June 2008
Launch of TWIN JET's website:
05 September 2016
Acquisition of HEX’AIR  airline company.
01 June 2017
Signature of a commercial agreement connecting the regular flights of Twin Jet with those of Hop! and Air France via Paris Orly.

April 2003 - September 2023
Opening of the nine following routes:
- Metz-Nancy / Marseille (2003)
- Metz-Nancy / Toulouse (2003)
- Marseille / Milan (2013)
- Mende / Le Puy-en-Velay / Paris (2016)
- Marseille / Toulouse (2022)
- Lyon / Milan (2022)
- Lyon / Bologna (2022)
- Toulouse / Rennes
- Lyon / Pau (2023)