I need special assistance, what should I do?
For any type of special assistance (unaccompanied minor, passenger with reduced mobility, etc...), please call Twin Jet at +33(0)4 42 90 12 14.

Where can I find my booking confirmation number?
After booking tickets on the www.twinjet.com website, you will receive a passenger itinerary receipt including a booking reference consisting of a combination of 6 numbers and letters (for example: 5RSDY7). It is located at the top of your e-ticket/passenger itinerary receipt under the heading "booking ref".
In case your ticket wasn't booked directly through Twin Jet but through another website or travel agency, your booking reference will be located on the travel documents provided by them (example: booking confirmation).

I want to make a group booking, what should I do?
Please call Twin Jet at +33(0)4 42 90 12 14.

Can I change my last and/or first names listed on the booking and put other last/first names?
No, name changes are forbidden after payment of the booking. For further information, please call Twin Jet at +33(0)4 42 90 12 14.

Can my booking be modified?
Yes, bookings can be modified in accordance with the below fare conditions:
- ESSENTIAL fare: modifications allowed, a 70 € modification fee will be charged, in addition to any difference in the fare price of the flights available at the time of modification.
- COMFORT fare: modifications allowed, a 70 € modification fee will be charged, in addition to any difference in the fare price of the flights available at the time of modification.
- SERENITY fare: modifications may be made free of charge.

Are my tickets refundable?
Yes, the refund amount will be calculated in accordance with the fare conditions of the ticket (excluding service fees which are non-refundable).
Furthermore, refund requests can only be accepted for valid tickets (purchase date less than 12 months prior) and the tickets must be unused.
For tickets purchased on third-party websites or through a travel agency, please contact the entity that issued your tickets, they will handle your refund.

How can I lodge a claim?
Please contact our customer service department at the following e-mail address: infolignes@twinjet.net.
You can also reach us by phone at +33 (0) 892 707 737.


What are your carry-on baggage restrictions?
You can bring carry-on baggage that doesn't exceed the following dimensions: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm maximum. Maximum total weight: 10 kg.

What are your checked baggage restrictions?
You can travel with one piece of checked baggage if the sum of the dimensions (width + length + height) doesn't exceed 158 cm. The total maximum allowable weight is 20 kg. This service is included in your ticket fare.

I am travelling with oversized baggage, what should I do?
You must call Twin Jet at +33(0)4 42 90 12 14 in order to pay the additional fees for oversized baggage.

Can I bring my stroller up to the aircraft?
Yes, you can bring your stroller up to the aircraft, it will be gate checked free of charge.

Can I travel with my pet?
Yes, if your pet weighs less than 6 kg. Please call Twin Jet at +33 (0)4 42 90 12 14 in order to pay the additional fee.

Prohibited and restricted items
Liquids must be stored in containers with a capacity of 100 ml or less, and must be stored inside a clear, sealable freezer-type bag (1 litre maximum bag capacity).
Baby food needed during travel is allowed without restriction.
Medications and products for medical use are allowed in the necessary quantities for use during travel, a valid prescription with your name may be required.
For further information about items prohibited on our aircraft, please refer to the document "List of prohibited items" available on our website under the "PREPARING YOUR TRIP" section on the "Prohibited and restricted Items" tab.


Which documents will be required for boarding?
Be sure to have the following documents with you when you arrive at the airport:
- Your valid form of identification (European member state I.D. card or passport)
- Your electronic ticket (passenger itinerary receipt)
- Proof of purchase of additional services, if applicable

Can I check in online?
At this time, online check-in is not yet available on our website.

My child will be travelling as an unaccompanied minor - can I stay with my child until boarding?
No, parents are not allowed beyond the security check point and carry-on baggage inspection area.

How long before the scheduled departure time do I need to check in at the counter?
You can check in starting one hour before departure. The check-in deadline varies according to the destination: it is 20 minutes for domestic flights in France, and 30 minutes for international flights.

As Flying Blue partner, TWIN JET makes sure you earn miles on several fares such as “COMFORT” and “SERENITY” fares.
If you wish to subscribe, please contact Flying Blue customer service at 3272.

Twin Jet has two memberships cards available, "network"and "line" membership cards which are featuring large benefits. For detailed information, please refer to the section “Plan your trip – Loyalty Program”.

For any information, you can contact us by:
- phone : +33 (0)4 42 90 12 14
- email : infolignes@twinjet.net