TWIN JET has a business aviation department available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Advantages of on-demand aircraft chartering
Today, the optimisation of your time is what makes you efficient.
You have to be at the right place in the right time.
From now on you will not wait any more and you will have the choice of the schedules
- You choose the onboard services, basic or elaborated
- The plane waits for you, you can be late or leave early, it's up to you
- You will benefit from an optimum comfort
- Thanks to this personalized service, you will be able to choose the person sitting next to you, the conditions you have specified, the time of departure, all of this for your own personal comfort
- You will avoid all the drawbacks of regular lines, as well as the crowded airports at your arrival
- Business aviation enables you to return home right after your meeting, thus avoiding extra expenses such as a hotel night, meals and other expenses due to spending more time on the spot

Moreover, such a service offers more flexibility and less constraints (financial and technical) than owning your jet, even a shared one.

Business (or private) aviation, often thought to be expensive, is in fact a way to save money.

Here is an example of a group of 18 people who wants to leave from Marseille to spend a day at a workshop in Barcelona
The round-trip could cost 30% less, with flexibility added of such a travel.

You can get a free and immediate quote just by giving us a call at +33 (0)4 42 90 12 14:
- We offer custom-made solutions according to your demands, and very often anticipate your problems
- We offer to land on the airport closest to your destination. Our plane can land on any airports, even those not open to regular lines (6 times more possibilities!)
- We offer an exceptional comfort: outstanding interior / custom-made and quality food service
- We offer services that reflect the image of your company: efficiency, profitability and conviviality
- In most cases, our planes are ready to take off within an hour
- We offer advices before, during and after the flight.

From the very first contact until the end of the operation, TWIN JET deals with all the aspects of the flight and offers a custom-made service :
- Fast: Quote/Confirmation/Take-off within the hour (depending on availability)
- Easy: Direct access to the plane, 10 min before take-off. Simplified procedures for check-in and boarding. The list of passengers can be changed until the last moment
- Confidential: A very discreet way of traveling
- Efficient: No strike, delay, last minute cancellation... a personnalized assistance is available 24/7
- Flexible: Choice of schedules, dates, type of aircrafts, routes and destinations

Our Know-how and our experience enable us to have a great reactivity and flexibility for all the changes you wish to make, or your last minute demands.

For any information or quotations, you can contact us by phone at +33 (0)4 42 90 12 14 or by email at: