The transport of dangerous goods by air is subject to strict regulations which aim to guarantee flight safety. Twin Jet, a French airline, is approved for the transport of dangerous goods, and approved according to DGR IATA.

Dangerous goods handled by Twin Jet :

Class 1 : Explosive materials
(e.g. fireworks or hazard lights)

Class 5.1 : Oxidising Substances
(e.g. fertilizers)


Class 2.1 : Flammable gases
(e.g. aerosols or gas cartridges)

Class 5.2 : Organic peroxides
(e.g. fiberglass repair kits)


Class 2.2 : Non-flammable, Non-toxic gases
(e.g. compressed oxygen)

Class 7 : Radioactive material
(e.g. radioactive medical equipment)


Class 4.2 : Spontaneously combustible substances
(e.g. phosphorus)
Class 8 : Corrosive Materials
(e.g. bleach or unblocking products)


Class 4.3 : Substances which in contact with water emits flammable gases
(e.g. calcium carbide)
Class 9 : Miscellaneous dangerous items
(e.g. magnets, phones or laptops)
Lithium batteries are also considered dangerous goods. Twin Jet is authorized and able to transport all lithium batteries.

Whether you need to ship explosive or flammable materials, gases or toxic materials, Twin jet puts all its expertise at the service of your business and ensures compliance with all regulations. Our airline has a specialized department for the transport of dangerous goods. Our pilots are fully qualified and experienced to transport your goods safely.

With a fleet of 13 aircrafts, Twin Jet covers more than 160 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our clients are :
  • Governments
  • Industrials
  • International Organizations
  • Armies
  • Brokers
  • Freight Forwarders
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