Wearing surgical masks is now mandatory upon arrival at the airport, for the duration of the flight and until you leave the destination airport. You should not remove your face mask if it is not necessary. The face mask should be close to the face, completely covering the nose and mouth. When the face shield is in place or being removed, the outer layer of the face shield should not be touched to avoid contamination of the hands. In addition, face masks must be properly disposed of when exiting the airport in dedicated bins and not be thrown on the cabin floor or placed in seat covers.

If you have symptoms related to Covid-19 (cough, fever, headache, breathing difficulties, etc.) or if, in the 14 days before your departure, you have been in contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19, please postpone your trip and follow the health recommendations of your country of departure.

Twin Jet grants its passengers the possibility of changing their travel dates, without penalty, within the validity limit of their ticket, namely one year from the date of issue thereof, upon presentation of a certificate medical.

Body temperature control may be implemented by airports when departing from certain Twin Jet flights, in the event of excessive temperature being suspected, the passenger may not be boarded.

In order to reduce contact with airport staff and infrastructure, we invite you to complete the check-in process before your arrival at the airport using online check-in, and present your boarding pass. in mobile or printed version. Baggage tagging outside the airport is not possible with Twin Jet.

Travel calm and light: given the health measures in place, we recommend that you anticipate your arrival at the airport. We also invite you to minimize the amount of hand baggage as much as possible and thus access your boarding gate more serenely. To access boarding, travelers are invited to check the entry conditions of the destination country before any trip at: